PND Announces New Hires in March


PND Engineers, Inc., is pleased to announce the hiring of Jake Randazzo & Savel Forrest.

Jake Randazzo brings 15 years of experience in hands-on primary and secondary soil testing, data reduction, and soil lab operations. Forrest Savel has a background in construction, and will assist on general civil engineering projects.

To read the full press release and learn more about the backgrounds on these new hires, click here.

President’s Letter, March 2020


Hello everyone! I’m excited to begin my term as President of APDC! Over this past month, we have sustained the energy from the successful legislative fly-in and are actively tracking multiple bills, including HB299 (de-regulation of licensure/Right to Earn a Living), HB291 (Commercial Interior Design Licensure), SB115 (gas tax), HB216 (temporary licensure), and HB197 (Seismic Hazard commission renewal). The legislative committee is writing letters in support or opposition of the bills, based on the direction from the March board meeting.

Similar to last year, the budget will again be a major issue and topic of discussion; unlike last year, we have now added a world-wide pandemic, dropping oil prices, and other state-wide concerns to the budget. We will stay on top of all these issues and make sure we are working to support design professionals in whatever means we can.

Finally, I couldn’t write a president’s message this month without addressing COVID-19. Is it scary and challenging? Yep. Will it change everything? Most likely. Is it already affecting things? Definitely. But will we pull through? Of course! How? I don’t know all the details yet of exactly how, but I know we will. Things are changing so fast, but through the support of our community and coming together, I know we will find a way to come through this. Things most likely won’t look the same on the other side, but I am confident the other side will be sunny. APDC’s part in this will focus on supporting the design community, tracking the budget challenges, tracking applicable bills and legislature, and actively advocating to support our profession.

Please reach out to us if we can help in any way.



R&M Staff Earn Professional Engineering Licenses


David Carlson, PE & Peter Yoo, PE recently passed the Principles & Practice of Engineering Exam, gaining their Professional Civil Engineering licenses.

David has been with R&M since 2014, and is a Project Engineer in R&M’s Surface Transportation Group, and has worked on a variety of transportation projects, including road improvements, pavement preservation, and traffic safety improvements.

Peter is a Project Engineer in R&M’s Construction Administration Group, where he provides construction document review, quality control oversight, and a variety of inspections during constructions.

To read the full press release, click here.

President’s Letter, February 2020


Rarely do I throw a hashtag out there, but #NEXTLEVEL seems an appropriate one for APDC’s legislative fly-in experience on February 5th and 6th in Juneau. We had big ideas from our 2019 experience and were able to implement them successfully in 2020. The result was a well-organized and effective visit.  Preparation was key and we have every participant in the legislative committee and fly-in to thank.  While our position paper topics were straightforward, we approached our topics from the perspective of being part of the solution. This seemed to resonate with legislators and for my part, made me feel much more engaged in the presentations and discussions.  I’d like to reiterate my thanks to everyone that helped plan and participate in the fly-in. Special thanks to ASCE representatives David Gamez and Dan Nichols for doing a great job presenting about Alaska’s Infrastructure to a packed room at the capitol building.

With the fly-in complete, we are entering a new cycle within APDC where I transition from president to past president.  Erica Jensen will be leading us as president through the next year. I’d like to welcome Will Webb as a new officer on the board.  I look forward to working with such a great group moving forward and being further service to APDC’s member organizations.