The ASCE Juneau Presents the 2021 ASCE-Alaska Report Card During Infrastructure Week

Photo Credit: KINY Radio Article: Docks & Harbors to host ASCE for infrastructure discussion May 17

ASCE Juneau Branch participated in national Infrastructure Week by presenting the findings from the 2021 ASCE-Alaska Report Card. Their event was hosted by the the City & Borough of Juneau’s Docks & Harbors, in the Assembly Chambers with public attendees. Click here to learn more about the event.

ASCE Juneau Branch received nation recognition for this timely presentation in a newsletter recap of Infrastructure Week, distributed by Accelerator for America.

To learn more about the ASCE-Alaska Infrastructure Report Card, watch the informational video produced by ASCE to promote the 2017 version.

UAA College of Engineering Seeks Speakers

The College of Engineering Seminar Series is looking for speakers! 

The College recently did some surveying of the attendees and community at large about the Seminar, and they overwhelmingly asked for more Civil and Arctic Engineering talks, and preferred project-based or skills-based talks (over academic ones). The College is especially interested in innovative methods or technology, challenging designs or construction limitations, or cool Alaska infrastructure/events (like the new Juneau Creek Falls bridge, or earthquake retrofits, etc.).

If interested in presenting, reach out to Professor and Chair Scott Hamel directly.