President’s Letter, February 2021

We have had a busy past month, even though we never left Anchorage! Our “fly-in” season has begun with bi-weekly Legislative Committee meetings and we are in excellent hands with Colin Maynard and John Walsh leading the charge. The House is now organized so we can now make an official plan for best communicating our legislative goals this session. We are closely tracking the 14 Bills of interest to our member organizations as well as submitting op-eds for publication in news sources. We hope to “meet” (via Zoom) with legislators in March to share our position paper and offer to be a resource to legislators for further questions or information.

Our Procurement of Professional Services Committee (led by Andrea Story) has also had an active month. We were able to obtain a correction to a solicitation that originally violated the Brooks Act, and now the solicitation is in compliance! Additionally, the State of Alaska has reached out to us to assist with training on Procurement of Professional Services and the Brooks Act for State procurement staff! Andrea is leading the effort to provide support for this training.

On a sadder note, I have reached the end of my term as APDC President. I am fully confident in the next leaders who will take over: Will Webb as President with Kelsey Davidson as President-Elect. Your new Secretary/Treasurer will be announced at the March meeting! Don’t miss it! I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this organization and have been honored to serve as President. I’m proud of who we are, what we represent, and how we come together across our varied disciplines to represent all design professionals throughout Alaska. Thank you for letting me serve this past (crazy) year!

Erica Jensen, PE

APDC President

President’s Letter, January 2021

As we near the end of January, I can’t help but think of where we were at this time last year. We were making the final plans for our fly in, which normally occurs the first week in February. We had our position statement ready and our fabulous lobbyist, John Walsh, had secured meetings with legislators for our team. What a difference a year makes! I hope to be back in Juneau next year, but until then, we have a solid outreach plan for this crazy year.

We are armed with an experienced team, great leaders in our legislative committee chair (Colin Maynard) and lobbyist, and a tool box of covid safe outreach mechanisms. We are tracking a list of bills (for example, SB17 – Retrofitting Public and Community Facilities), writing op-eds and letters, and beginning one-on-one coordination with key legislative committee members in the Senate (the House has yet to organize). Our early-season outreach has already proven successful with the addition of SB50 (for Land and Water Conservation Funding) and HB61 (Registration for Commercial Interior Designers).

I’m also happy to report that our outreach at home has successfully resulted in the retraction of a solicitation that incorrectly did not include professional services for designing and constructing infrastructure. I’m proud to say that we are a well known, trusted, and respected organization throughout the state of Alaska!

Erica Jensen, PE

APDC President

President’s Letter, December 2020

When one thing comes to an end (2020), another begins (legislative committee season)! And you thought I was going to say 2021 and all our hopes that are tied up in the New Year (and vaccine)?! Yes, that is beginning too and it’s also wonderful!

I’m happy to report that our legislative efforts so far have already proven successful: the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) funding has been included in the initial budget released by Governor Dunleavy! We still have to make sure that the legislature endorses it, but this is a great start and proof that we are being heard. We also have a telephone meeting with staff from Senator Murkowski’s office to discuss the seismic monitoring array and funding – we are moving forward on a lot of our issues!

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season and I look forward to all that the New Year will bring!

Erica Jensen, PE

APDC President

RMC Engineering Announces New Hire

RMC Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Nick Erickson as an EIT and the newest addition to its Juneau team. Nick graduated in May near the top of his class with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of North Dakota. He has been very eager to begin his career in electrical and controls engineering and over only a few short months is already proving himself to be an important asset.

Nick, an avid outdoorsman, is excited to make Juneau his new home and has already been taking full advantage of what Southeast Alaska has to offer

President’s Letter, November 2020

Now that the craziness of election season is over and we know who the players are in Juneau and DC, we have started to shift our attention to the Legislative Fly-In. While it won’t look the same as it has in years’ past, we are confident we can proceed with a solid legislative outreach season to advance those issues important to our members. We are looking at a multi-tier approach for outreach that may include multiple forms of communication from letters to white papers to possible video meetings. In fact, we have already started our outreach with letters to the Governor on issues we felt important to bring to his attention before the budget is released in mid-December.

Colin Maynard is leading our Legislative Committee and we’re excited to have him in the position! He brings a lot of historical and applicable knowledge from not only his time at APDC but also on the AELS board. Thank you Colin for leading us in our outreach! Our Legislative Committee will begin to meet in full force soon and if you are interested in being a part of that committee, please email me at and I’ll forward it to Colin.