President’s Letter, March 2019


Advancing into 2019 and 2020,  I’m looking forward to maintaining the positive changes we’ve experienced in APDC over the last year and expanding on them. We all worked together to conceive the improvements, but special recognition is due to Mike Rabe for taking the lead on implementation. As a result of our hard work and Mike’s leadership, I am truly excited about APDC and its potential to help our member organizations thrive in Alaska.

As the year progresses, I believe the governor’s budget will be a topic of major interest to all of us.  Via newsletters from legislators we visited during the fly-in, the controversial cuts proposed by the Dunleavy administration have been largely rejected while reasonable cuts are being allowed to move forward. The House Finance Committee is now considering the budget overall where they have opportunities for additional amendments before it reaches the house floor.  There is optimism that the final budget will maintain many services and revenue sources that Alaskans rely on.

Other issues that APDC will continue to follow are the State Fire Marshal’s review time of projects, licensure for interior design in Alaska, and our ongoing outreach supporting quality based selection of professional services in the State.   As to how we can expand on our successful improvements to APDC, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas during our upcoming board meetings.

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