President’s Letter, September 2020

As we welcome the arrival of autumn, APDC has returned from our summer break and ramped up our activities to help continue to support our design community.

We are now entering the seventh month of pandemic related disaster in our country and the end may or may not be in sight (depending if you watch FoxNews or MSNBC). Funding and budgets (locally, state-wide, and federally) remain a closely watched item – will there be more CARES funding? How will our state recover when we were already in a fiscal crisis? Can local businesses and systems survive? This is at the forefront of many conversations and concerns and APDC will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for our community.

This year, in advance of the November elections, we are hosting a candidate questionnaire. All of the member organizations have been asked to submit questions that we will compile into a questionnaire for the candidates. We can learn their position on items important to our professional community ahead of voting. Stay tuned for answers from the candidates!

Finally, but definitely not least, I’d like to announce our new Secretary/Treasurer: Kelsey Davidson! We had to adjust our officers for the remainder of this term due to unforeseen circumstances where our President-Elect had to step down from her duties. Our current Secretary/Treasurer, Will Webb, has moved into the President-Elect role and we’re happy to welcome Kelseyas our new Secretary/Treasurer!

Take Care!

Erica Jensen,

APDC President

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