President’s Letter, November 2020

Now that the craziness of election season is over and we know who the players are in Juneau and DC, we have started to shift our attention to the Legislative Fly-In. While it won’t look the same as it has in years’ past, we are confident we can proceed with a solid legislative outreach season to advance those issues important to our members. We are looking at a multi-tier approach for outreach that may include multiple forms of communication from letters to white papers to possible video meetings. In fact, we have already started our outreach with letters to the Governor on issues we felt important to bring to his attention before the budget is released in mid-December.

Colin Maynard is leading our Legislative Committee and we’re excited to have him in the position! He brings a lot of historical and applicable knowledge from not only his time at APDC but also on the AELS board. Thank you Colin for leading us in our outreach! Our Legislative Committee will begin to meet in full force soon and if you are interested in being a part of that committee, please email me at and I’ll forward it to Colin.

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