President’s Letter, December 2020

When one thing comes to an end (2020), another begins (legislative committee season)! And you thought I was going to say 2021 and all our hopes that are tied up in the New Year (and vaccine)?! Yes, that is beginning too and it’s also wonderful!

I’m happy to report that our legislative efforts so far have already proven successful: the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) funding has been included in the initial budget released by Governor Dunleavy! We still have to make sure that the legislature endorses it, but this is a great start and proof that we are being heard. We also have a telephone meeting with staff from Senator Murkowski’s office to discuss the seismic monitoring array and funding – we are moving forward on a lot of our issues!

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season and I look forward to all that the New Year will bring!

Erica Jensen, PE

APDC President

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