President’s Letter, September 2021

Although APDC takes a meeting and newsletter break for the summer, we continued tracking a few issues of interest to our members.  Well, to be honest, our lobbyist John Walsh does the heavy lifting on keeping us informed!  In this case, we received word that the State of Alaska is moving forward with adopting the 2021 building code. The new building codes should be out for public comment soon (if not already).  In addition, there has been some discussion at the AELS board about revisiting the continuing education requirements. Their education committee is meeting in early October and we will be listening in for details.

Finally, it is my sad duty to announce that the American Institute of Architects Alaska Chapter has opted to leave APDC due to their objection to APDC’s support of licensure for interior design professionals.  While I’m disappointed to see them leave over a single issue, I’m optimistic about working together in the future. I do not anticipate any changes at APDC due to their withdrawal.

Looking forward, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the legislature can develop a sustainable fiscal plan this fall so they can get back to considering non-fiscal bills – especially those of interest to us – when the regular session starts in the new year.

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